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on March 22, 2024

Hi there 👋

I'm Erika Heidi (she/her), a creative developer and technical writer passionate about open source, Linux, and PHP. I'm also a published author, conference speaker, and have been nominated GitHub Star.

I currently work as Developer Experience Engineer at Chainguard, where I create educational resources linked to Supply Chain Security. Previously, I worked as Technical Writer at DigitalOcean, where I wrote tutorials and other educational resources about Linux, systems administration, devOps, and PHP / Laravel.

I thoroughly enjoy working on experimental applications and small side projects. If coders had a style, I'd say mine is minimalist and/or indie.

Open source has always taken a special place in my heart, and what I like the most about it is the aspect of "learning in public", essentially sharing what you are working on and feel excited about, since it may be useful for other folks even if just as an inspiration. Here's some projects I'm excited about right now:

  • Minicli - A minimalist framework for command-line centric PHP apps.
  • GDaisy - A templating system for dynamically generating images with PHP-GD.
  • Dynacover - A CLI app to dynamically generate and upload profile covers to your Twitter profile, showing latest followers and other information.
  • Librarian - An experimental file-based CMS / markdown document indexer in PHP.

About this Site

In this space I will be sharing tech related content in the subjects of software development, Linux, containers, and also 3D printing, which is one of my favorite hobbies.


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