Hello there! I'm Erika, a Brazilian living in The Netherlands since 2012. Mostly self-taught, I started my career as a systems administrator and moved to software engineering with PHP shortly afterwards. I worked many years as a full stack web developer, and some time later came the opportunity to switch to a career in Technical Writing / Developer Education. Today, I work as Senior Technical Writer at the DigitalOcean community.

Apart from the work I do in my daily job, I also create educational content on a variety of platforms, and for different audiences. I am really passionate about open source and teaching, as you can tell from my various profiles on all these platforms. I recently have been awarded the title of GitHub Star, which makes me very proud :)

Working on open source is quite hard - specially when you have kids! Nobody has the time. But it's a passion I can't let go. Sometimes it's hard to justify it thou - that's why sponsoring open source creators is so important.

I have recently decided to create my own content platform where I can share technical content as well as aggregate content I've been publishing on other platforms. Here, my GitHub Sponsors have access to special perks such as printable downloads, zines, and premium workshops.

This is definitely a work in progress, and I will be updating this project with more features as I find it necessary. It's a side project that I've been working on slowly for almost a year, so I'm happy to have it live, finally.

I appreciate feedback about this website / platform as I work on improving my offers for sponsors. You can reach out via DM on Twitter.