Which Techie Are You?

Which Techie Are You?

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Which techie are you? Tag yourself in the comments!

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  1. The Dancing Queen / King - when the tune is right, you stand up for some sick moves. Singing along is optional but highly encouraged.

  2. The Artsy - your desk might look a bit messy and there's definitely plenty of pens, colors, papers, and whatnot art supplies.

  3. The Cat Whisperer - maybe it's the heat, maybe it's the funny moving images on the screen, nobody knows for sure - but your desk is typically claimed by felines who will make sure you notice they're there.

  4. The Pack Leader - good boys / girls make sure you feel loved throughout the day; a snack or two and some belly rubs are expected in return.

  5. The Minimalist - not much to say or see, but things are certainly on the right spot?

  6. The Mom / Dad - your desk has a unique mix of random toys and maybe some lovely but at the same time awful hand-made mother day's gifts. There's also coffee, but it might be cold...

  7. The Tech Deeva - nail polish, hand cream, lipstick and lip balm... just the basics. Maybe you're a youtuber, maybe not, but you definitely know some tricks to look good in the camera.

  8. The Librarian - e-readers are boring, you prefer real books. Lots of them. Maybe you didn't read them all, but who cares? They are there for when you need them.

I am mostly number 2 and number 6, but sometimes I'm a 1 and a bit of a 7 as well! :)