The DigitalOcean Community Weekly: Istio on Kubernetes, Ansible, MySQL Cache & More

The DigitalOcean Community Weekly: Istio on Kubernetes, Ansible, MySQL Cache & More

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Welcome to The DOCOM Weekly, your weekly digest featuring some of the best content published in and around the DigitalOcean Community last week.

I'm Erika Heidi, Technical Writer at the Dev Education team. Today's roundup includes Istio on Kubernetes, Ansible, MySQL Cache & more!

Without further ado, here are this week's featured posts:

How To Install and Use Istio With Kubernetes

In this tutorial, Katy Juell shows us how to use Istio, a service mesh typically used with Kubernetes to manage communication between your application's microservices.

How to Use Ansible to Install and Set Up Docker on Ubuntu 18.04

This is one of my latest published tutorials at the DigitalOcean Community, and it shows how to use Ansible to automate the installation of Docker on Ubuntu 18.04 servers. Automate all the things!

How to Optimize MySQL Query Cache on Ubuntu 18.04

Speed up your MySQL server, try query cache! Test the performance difference of your queries when using query cache in this tutorial from Francis Ndungu, who published this tutorial through our Write for DOnations program.

Featured Q&A

Bonus: DO on the Web

Amruta Ranade shared a post in which she talks about UX and her favorite elements of DigitalOcean's UX and microcopy:

Ben Nadel set out to learn about Docker and deploying containerized services to a production machine. Here's what he found: From noob to Docker on DigitalOcean.

Arve Knudsen wrote a tutorial on How to Port CoreOS Tectonic Installer to DigitalOcean.

Last but not least, check out this talk from our technical writer Katy Juell at Write The Docs Portland, where she talks about how the roles of writer, editor, and teacher are interconnected in the work of writing documentation, and how to use these different perspectives to improve your docs.