Tell us your Thoughts About Open Source

Tell us your Thoughts About Open Source

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Open source software is everywhere, powering applications and gadgets of all sizes, all over the world. If you work with technology, and especially if you are a developer, you are certainly using a wide range of open source software on a daily basis. You probably have used GitHub to check out some code or to find out how to use a certain library / API. But have you ever asked yourself why so many people around the world dedicate so much time to building and contributing to open source projects?

We want to hear from you. Have you ever contributed to open source? What was your main motivation for doing that? Did it have a positive impact on your career? What was your biggest challenge?

We will be sending a limited edition Sammy sticker to everyone who participates in our newest Currents survey about Open Source. Take a few minutes to share your thoughts about this subject and help us understand and report back on the state of open source in 2019. This will be just in time for the upcoming Hacktoberfest.

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Additionally, we welcome anyone who would like to share their #OpenSourceStory either on Twitter or by leaving a comment in this post. We'll feature the best comments on our social media channels in order to bring visibility to the benefits — as well as the struggles — of open source work!