Dev&Chill: StreamWidgets Part 1

In this new Dev&Chill project, we're creating dynamic image widgets. These can be used, for instance, with OBS Studio as an overlay, or as a social media thumbnail card.

This is first part of the Dev & Chill: StreamWidgets series.

This stream has no voice over; just music, coding, and captions.

Episode Summary

In this episode, we bootstrap a new Minicli application and create an animated GIF widget for OBS Studio using Imagick, the PHP wrapper around Imagemagick.

I first create an image with a static text, then later on I obtain content from a file, which is the log file that contains the "now playing" information I'm logging. I include the image from OBS, and then I turn it into a colorful animated GIF image.


Relevant Links

PHP, videos, imagick, twitch, live